Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House

Aggregator. The three days I spent reading Michael Wolff's controversial book titled, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, put me in a funk. Daily White House distractions and self-inflicted drama are tough enough to endure. Spending hours in a return to the early months of the Trump administration added to my misery. Wolff spent those early months hanging out in the West Wing, available as a sounding board or an outlet for anyone working there who wanted to vent. He recorded them and took notes, aggregating all he heard from inside with what was written by others from the outside, along with the public statements by all the key players. The result is a gossipy book by a writer with a flair for clever prose. Wolff is not a historian, and as a journalist, let's say he's no Bob Woodward. What we get in this book is his take on what happened, and his judgment of what he believes he heard and observed. Most observers of 2017 in politics would agree that the White House often seemed undisciplined with individuals unaligned among themselves. Wolff's book documents the early months of the administration in ways that will please few readers. Thanks to the President's tweets about the book, it has become a best seller. My guess is that a minority of buyers will read the whole gossipy thing. Rating: Two-star (I didn't like it) Click here to purchase Fire and Fury from amazon.com.

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