Saturday, November 9, 2019

The Turn of the Key

Story. My prescription for you on the next cold and windy night is to pour a few fingers of a fine single malt for yourself and sit in a comfortable chair with a copy of Ruth Ware’s novel titled, The Turn of the Key. Ware eases us into the story of Rowan Caine written in the form of Rowan’s letter to her attorney from prison where she awaits trial for murder. The action builds slowly, so sip at leisure. Once the action builds, you will soon forget there is a beverage at your side. Ware uses the whole gothic toolbox for this novel: a remote setting in the Scottish Highlands, a young woman accepting a lucrative job as a nanny, loads of red herrings, spooky settings, superstitions and ghosts, and a bit of romance. While the early exposition might seem plodding, seeds are planted, and the second half of the novel races toward an exciting end well before your glass of scotch is consumed. The setting at Heatherbrae House blends the horrors of smart home technology with a house that was the place for tragedy in the past. Rating: Five-star (I love it) Click here to purchase The Turn of the Key from

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