Saturday, May 23, 2009

Death and Honesty

Invasive. Despite a warning that the plant honesty is invasive, protagonist Victoria Trumbull decides to plant some anyway. The truth eventually comes out in Cynthia Riggs’ latest Martha’s Vineyard mystery, Death and Honesty. At age 92, Victoria settles for nothing less than the truth. In this mystery, she finds a dead body in the home of one of the town’s assessors. The assessors concocted a scheme to skim funds from taxpayers, and Victoria uncovers their fraud with dispatch. Murders and poisoning follow, and Victoria remains on top of everything, tying up all the threads by the book’s end. While I guessed the murderer’s identity early in the book, Riggs kept my interest throughout this entertaining novel. Victoria Trumbull is the senior citizen we all want to become: vibrant in our nineties; mental faculties intact and then some; munching on bacon for breakfast; and sloshing down a stiff drink with friends. Sit in your beach chair or porch rocker with a cold drink and enjoy reading Death and Honesty.

Rating: Three-star (Recommended)

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