Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rules of Vengeance

Superdoc. Christopher Reich has reprised characters from his suspense-filled novel Rules of Deception for his latest thriller titled Rules of Vengeance. Protagonists Emma Ransom and her husband Dr. Jonathan Ransom continue in this novel to display a range of skills that border on the superhuman. While Rules of Vengeance is a sequel, a reader need not have read the earlier book to enjoy this one. Jonathan Ransom is a physician who lately has been working for Doctors Without Borders in Africa. Emma is a spy, and who she really works for is part of the thrill of this story. There are few doctors who could escape as many close calls as Jonathan Ransom faces over the 400+ pages of Rules of Vengeance. Emma’s ability to appear and disappear earns her the appellation, “the ghost.” Reich excels at maintaining a pace that can be heart-pounding at times. The chapters move quickly, and surprises are frequent enough to become expected whenever the plot seems to be reaching a satisfying conclusion. Readers who enjoy action thrillers are likely to find ample reading pleasure in Rules of Vengeance, especially if you overlook the ability of the two main characters to overcome all odds and do things that only the rarest of humans could achieve.

Rating: Three-star (Recommended)

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