Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Power of Progress

Prescription. John Podesta’s The Power of Progress attempts to do two things: describe the history of the progressive movement in America, and lay out ways in which progressive leadership can move America forward. In a measured and calm way, Podesta lays out past accomplishments under a progressive agenda, and uses that foundation to show how the principles of progressivism can be applied to today’s challenges. Those who disagree with President Clinton’s former chief of staff will find plenty of ways in which he overstates his case; those who agree with him will find examples to bolster their opinions. Either way, reading The Power of Progress adds to the information a reader can have on hand to participate in an informed dialogue about what can work for Americans today. Podesta injects his personal story on these pages and that helps humanize the basis for his political persuasion.

Rating: Three-star (Recommended)

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