Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The End of Wall Street

Intervention. Roger Lowenstein’s The End of Wall Street, is not the first book to try to make sense of the recent financial crisis, nor will it be the last. As with his earlier books, this is a valuable contribution to the general reader’s understanding of what happened, who did what, what conditions and policies facilitated it all, and what it might mean. This is a journalist’s approach to the subject: lots of interviews with the players involved, and plenty of research into what was being done throughout the crisis. The depth of changes within a short period of time transformed Wall Street. The amount of government intervention has been enormous and was done by individuals who were opposed to such intervention before being placed in the situation that demanded such action. Lowenstein’s writing takes familiar events and situations and adds context, perspective, and inside color. Any reader interesting in learning more about this pivotal time will enjoy reading this book.

Rating: Four-star (Highly Recommended)
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