Monday, September 17, 2012

The Quality of Mercy

Mining. Booker-prize winning novelist Barry Unsworth has reprised characters from his novel, Sacred Hunger, for another finely written historical novel. Readers who like historical fiction are those most likely to enjoy The Quality of Mercy. Set in late 18th century England, Unsworth presents a cast of characters divided on the subject of the abolition of slavery and the property rights of owners. He also presents the lives of those engaged in mining, and the dreams and aspirations they have for themselves and their children. Unsworth takes on big questions and explores answers to those questions through the characters he creates and the ways in which he draws readers into the core of our human condition. I was captivated by Unsworth’s fine writing from the beginning to the end of this finely written novel, especially by the interplay of the concerns of labor and those of management. Rating: Four-star (Highly Recommended) Click here to purchase The Quality of Mercy from

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