Friday, April 12, 2013

Red Rain

Horror. I found myself deferring reading the first adult novel from R.L. Stine titled, Red Rain. I tried not to think about Goosebumps before starting to read this novel, and finally admitted that I should just go ahead. Stine presents a very creepy horror story in this book with more than ample description of grisly outcomes. For fans of that genre, the yuck factor hits the target. Where Stine falls short is in character development and empathy. The master of this style, Stephen King, would have presented characters with whom readers would identify and for whom we would care. Instead, I found myself not caring much about what happened to these characters, and the horror was somewhat diminished because it was not inflicted on innocent and ordinary people. Read a sample before you commit to reading this novel. Rating: Two-star (I don’t like it) Click here to purchase Red Rain from

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