Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The House of Rumour

Puzzled. Readers who like puzzles and have the patience to endure a convoluted prose structure are those who might enjoy Jake Arnott’s The House of Rumour. I was entertained by the ways in which Arnott drew in plot lines involving writers Ian Fleming, L. Ron Hubbard, Philip K. Dick and Robert Heinlein. Arnott crosses decades and adds a Rudolf Hess suicide to the mix for good measure. Arnott uses the character Larry Zagorski, a pulp fiction writer, as the glue to try to pull all this together. Secrets abound, narrators change frequently, and I found the best way to proceed was to give myself up to wherever Arnott was taking me. Read an excerpt to see if this book is one you might enjoy reading. Rating: Three-star (It’s OK) Click here to purchase The House of Rumour from amazon.com.

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