Tuesday, February 23, 2021

No Heaven for Good Boys

Tradition. My heart ached as I read about the plight of six-year-old Ibrahimah in Keisha Bush’s novel titled, No Heaven for Good Boys. In Senegal there is tradition and honor for a young man to be sent away from home to study the Koran with a teacher called a marabout. A chance encounter in Ibrahimah’s remote village leads Marabout Ahmed to select Ibrahimah to join his older cousin Etienne in Dakar to study the Koran. After arriving in the capital city, Ibrahimah finds little instruction, little food and a life spent begging to enrich Marabout Ahmed. On the streets of the city, the dangers are life threatening as the young boys called Talibé are exposed to danger from many sources. Bush drew upon true events to describe this abusive practice. This story of a fight for survival will be difficult to read, may break your heart, and might bring renewed confidence and hope in the goodwill of most people. Rating: Five-star (I love it) Click here to purchase No Heaven for Good Boys from amazon.com.

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