Friday, July 22, 2011

Against All Enemies

Legion. The advantage of reading Tom Clancy’s new novel, Against All Enemies, in ebook form was that it was lighter that way than in hardcover, and the pages turned faster when I was not distracted by how far it was to the end. Back in the Red October days, the Soviet enemy was clear and present. Today, threats are everywhere, and Clancy not only presents them individually, but he conjures up the notion of collaboration between Gulf region terrorists and Mexican drug cartels. In usual Clancy form, there is minute description of weaponry, and tedious plot development. Readers who perceive fiction value in pages per dollar spent will be able to compute based on almost eight hundred pages in this messy novel. There might be a good three hundred page novel in there somewhere.

Rating: One-star (Read only if your interest is strong)
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