Monday, March 25, 2013

A Thousand Partners

Absolution. Literary novels can provide readers with deep insight about human nature through how ordinary people deal with life’s common challenges. Helen Armstead, the protagonist of Jonathan Dee’s novel, A Thousand Pardons, faces the reality of her family situation. Her husband, Ben, has exercised poor judgment in his life as a lawyer, and their marriage seems doomed. Helen moves out with their adolescent daughter, Sara, and she finds a way to support them. Helen learns that she has skill in advising others about confessing to their missteps, and finds rewarding employment in the public relations specialty of crisis management. Dee allows the themes of forgiveness and absolution to weave through this story in ways that I found interesting and engaging. Dee’s writing is finely crafted, and this short novel packs a wallop in just over 200 pages. Rating: Five-star (I loved it) Click here to purchase A Thousand Pardons from

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