Thursday, August 15, 2019

The Nickel Boys

Elwood. It seemed that I had finished reading Colson Whitehead’s novel titled, The Nickel Boys, just minutes after I started. I was hooked by the story of Elwood Curtis and his diversion from the road to college to serving time at the Nickel Academy, a reform school. Whitehead exposes evil in his exposition of individuals and the institution and the community. Within a handful of pages, readers will become incensed by scandalous behavior and injustice at an institution whose mission entails reform. Whitehead’s fine prose soars on the pages of this novel, and the powerful story is enhanced by a well-crafted plot and complex and interesting characters. If the finest fiction reveals the depths of human behavior and draws readers into feeling deeply, this novel does that expertly. Rating: Five-star (I love it) Click here to purchase The Nickel Boys from

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