Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Archbishop in Andalusia

Vulnerability. Andrew Greeley’s latest Blackie Ryan novel is titled The Archbishop in Andalusia, and as indicated has Ryan in Spain doing the same sleuthing as he would at home in Chicago. While Blackie is attending a conference, the cardinal of Seville asks him to help prevent the murder of Duchess Doña Teresa Maria. The duchess is emeshed in a dysfunctional family, and has made enemies, leaving her vulnerable to mischief. There’s the formula in Blackie Ryan novels: a battle between good and evil; a puzzle for smart Blackie to solve; strong relationships to prevail over evil, and by the end, love conquers all. The sights, sounds and relationships in Spain provide a new twist for Ryan and Greeley fans. The Chicago connection endures, however, since Blackie is accompanied by his nephew, Joseph, and almost-fiancee, Peggy Anne Nolan, and Blackie’s sister has asked him nudge this relationship along, which he does in his own way, for sure, for sure. As always, a reader comes away from a Greeley novel feeling good about themselves, other people, and the world.

Rating: Three-star (Recommended)

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