Monday, March 22, 2010


Devilry. Any reader looking for fun that includes an imaginative plot and finely written dialogue will find a lot to like on the pages of Joe Hill’s latest novel, Horns. Protagonist Ignatius William Perrish awakes following a night of heaving drinking and other bad stuff to discover that he has grown a set of horns. A side effect of the horns is that after he touches other people they tell him things that they would normally keep secret. Hill uses this novel to explore the nature of good and evil and the battle of these forces within each of us and in the world. It’s also novel of love, loss, and plenty of snakes. Another horn in the novel is the instrument played by Ig’s brother, Terry. Hill finds a place in the novel to reference every phrase about the devil we’ve ever heard. Character depth remains shallow, and while I read Horns swiftly, the pace slowed often enough to lead to some level of annoyance with wanting things to move along. Hill’s writing and vivid descriptions kept me going, and by the last page I realized that the whole book was fun to read.

Rating: Three-star (Recommended)
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