Friday, February 18, 2011

The Metropolis Case

Devices. I gave the benefit of the doubt to Matthew Galloway for most of his debut novel, The Metropolis Case, as he constructed a complicated story set in modern New York and 19th century Europe, centered on the world of opera, especially Wagner’s challenging Tristan und Isolde. He connects four main characters to the music, and moves back and forth in time as he draws readers into the story. Along the way, no single character becomes fully developed, and Galloway ends up relying on the devices of a magical serum and coincidences to tie together the missing links of the story. Long on exposition and short on realistic dialogue, the language of the novel seemed heavier than the heldentenor. For a first-time novelist, some of these shortcomings can be overlooked by a patient reader.

Rating: Two-star (Mildly Recommended)
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