Friday, October 5, 2012

Killing Lincoln

Artistic. History need not be boring, but unless labeled fiction, readers should expect some diligence about getting the facts right. After the third person recommended that I read Bill O’Reilly’s dramatic book, Killing Lincoln, I decided to go ahead, despite having read some poor reviews. To my surprise, I was thoroughly entertained by the dramatic presentation of the well-known and documented events surrounding the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. O’Reilly’s confident prose gets most of the big facts right, but I found myself thinking too often that some of what he presented didn’t match what I read from prominent historians. If you want to read a well-researched history of this event and this time period, choose another book. If you want to be entertained with a dramatically presented story that takes some artistic liberties, and doesn’t nail down all the facts, by all means enjoy this book. Rating: Two-star (Mildly Recommended) Click here to purchase Killing Lincoln from

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