Tuesday, August 26, 2014

All the Light We Cannot See

Insight. When I first read a blurb about Anthony Doerr’s novel, All the Light We Cannot See, my first thought was that the last way I wanted to spend time was reading another book set during World War II, let alone one containing more than five hundred pages. I didn’t expect much especially from themes of blindness and radio waves. I decided to start reading it, and I’m delighted that I did. Doerr’s novel is among the best I’ve read this year for several reasons. The plot kept me interested from beginning to end. The finely written prose provided just the right level of description, imagery and dialogue. Character development provided one component the best novels always offer: insight into our human condition and the values that underlie our behavior. The structure of the novel with shifting time periods and narrators drew me in to the story, developed the characters and mesmerized me through finely written lyrical prose. I highly recommend this novel to any reader. Rating: Five-star (I love it) Click here to purchase All the Light We Cannot See from amazon.com.

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