Tuesday, December 20, 2016

We Are Unprepared

Storm. Don’t read Meg Little Reilly’s debut novel titled, We Are Unprepared while you are sitting at home awaiting the arrival of a superstorm. We usually want fiction to take us away from our own reality, and that’s exactly what Reilly did for me when I read this novel at home under fair skies. A young couple, Pia and Ash, have moved from Brooklyn to a small Vermont town in a quest for a simpler life with greater contact with the land and more self-reliance. Forecasts of a superstorm have divided the community into the preppers who are hunkering down individually and authorities who want to shore up community defenses. Pia joins the preppers and Ash the authorities. Reilly uses the tension of the coming storm to drive the plot while she closely examines the psychological issues at play and explores the relationship between Pia and Ash. Reilly unveils all the ways in which we can be unprepared for what life brings, and readers who enjoy literary fiction and are willing to try out a debut novel are those most likely to appreciate this book. Rating: Four-star (I like it) Click here to purchase We Are Unprepared from amazon.com.

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