Thursday, April 4, 2019

Black Leopard, Red Wolf

Nose. Talented writer Marlon James opens his Dark Star Trilogy with a novel titled, Black Leopard, Red Wolf. Before a reader opens page one, you should consider the consequences of beginning to read what will be three novels: a commitment to lots and lots of pages. Once you start on this reading adventure, James will pull you into stories from African history and mythology while creating a fantasy world that will consume your time and attention for many hours. Once James presented the character, Tracker, whose nose allows him to find people by following their scents, I was hooked. Once on board, the adventure took me to strange and unfamiliar places, to violence and intense sexuality. The bulk of this first novel is the journey of the nose named Tracker and his search for a missing boy. James empties his imagination with the creatures Tracker encounters on this journey. I felt myself in good hands with Marlon James as he made a world in which I became intrigued, interested and eventually caring. James is a master of voice, and while in this installment the world we see if from Tracker’s perspective, the next novel may offer a different voice, another point of view. I look forward to it. After all, I’ve become hooked. Rating: Five-star (I love it) Click here to purchase Black Leopard Red Wolf from

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