Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just After Sunset

Descriptive. Stephen King says that after he leaped at the opportunity to edit the 2007 Best American Short Stories, he became energized by the shorter forms of fiction. The product of this energy is a collection titled Just After Sunset. These thirteen short stories are imaginative, creative, sometimes predictable, and consistently satisfying. King excels at those big fat books that keep building intensity, and add more and more levels of description, character development and thrills. Within the constraints of the short stories, King uses the same level of description that makes each scene vivid, maintains a pacing that thrills, and provides enough character development to makes these individuals real. One of the stories in the collection was first written thirty years ago, and most of the others have been published in mainstream magazines in recent years. The one-a-day plan to read this collection provides almost two weeks of reading pleasure, with enough chill to thrill, but not so much creepiness that you will lose sleep.

Rating: Three-star (Recommended)

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