Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Mrs. Mohr Goes Missing

 Vocation. The best murder mysteries in the Agatha Christie tradition have a protagonist detective that’s beloved by readers. Maryla Szmiczkowa provides one named Zofia Turbotyńska in a novel titled, Mrs. Mohr Goes Missing. Zofie is a bored socialite in Cracow whose current task is a fundraiser for a local care home and the nuns who operate it. After a resident is found dead, Zofia leaves her boredom behind and comes to life as a passionate detective. She excels at this vocation, to the pleasure of readers like me who are entertained by this genre. Zofia has the wit and flair of some of the greatest fictional detectives who precede her, and I was delighted to stumble on this novel and look forward to Zofia’s next case.


Rating: Four-star (I like it)

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