Tuesday, August 25, 2020

The Pull of the Stars

Pandemic. Consider taking a busman’s holiday from the current pandemic to Emma Donoghue’s finely written book set during the Great Flu of 1918, a novel set in Dublin and titled, The Pull of the Stars. As in her earlier novels, Donoghue doesn’t need a lot of landscape in which to set her dramatic action: much of this novel is set in a hospital room over the course of three days. I was delighted by the point of view from narrator and protagonist Julia Power, a nurse. Donoghue’s characters are deeply developed and reveal the depth of human nature and behavior. The prose is finely written, and the novel should appeal to any reader who enjoys the power of a well-told story and the selection of just the right words to convey it with love, care and precision.


Rating: Five-star (I love it)

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