Thursday, September 23, 2021

Billy Summers

Redemption. Stephen King respects readers enough to allow us to read his work on as many levels as we choose. For those looking to read a gripping story, the novel titled, Billy Summers, delivers an engaging and entertaining story. For those who enjoy complex characters who grapple with issues of right and wrong, protagonist Billy Summers reveals our own human behavior with clarity: most of us try to do the right thing; we sometimes do things we know are wrong; and we try to find ways to do things we know are wrong for what we consider the right reasons. Billy is a talented sniper, and he accepts assignments to shoot people who have done bad things. The novel presents what he considers his last job. In the course of this novel, he finds himself able to pursue a journey toward redemption, and by the time we reach that part of the story, we are cheering for Billy no matter what he does. King knows how to get our attention, how to keep it, and how to throw a curve that surprises and satisfies. I loved every minute spent with Billy Summers. Rating: Five-star (I love it) Click here to purchase Billy Summers from

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