Thursday, September 23, 2021

Talk to Me

Sam. The center of attention in T.C. Boyle’s novel titled, Talk to Me, is a young chimp named Sam who appears on the book jacket. Guy Schermerhorn is a college professor devoted to a project in which he is raising Sam in a human household, teaching Sam to converse with human housemates using sign language. After undergraduate Aimee Villard moves in, Boyle has the backdrop for exploring all the ethical and philosophical issues to explore about interspecies interaction, which he does with great skill. I found this novel develops the notion of what it means to be human in ways that should engage readers, and helps us appreciate and understand the power of language. We also have to face what we are willing to do for love, in whatever form we find it. Rating: Five-star (I love it) Click here to purchase Talk to Me from

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