Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Unassisted Living: Ageless Homes for Later Life

Showy. I am the target demographic for a book by architect Wid Chapman and gerontologist Jeffrey P. Rosenfeld titled, Unassisted Living: Ageless Homes for Later Life. The 33 homes presented in this book are intended to provide readers with examples of home design that can allow for alternatives to the senior housing choices of earlier generations. I found all the spaces to be severe and cold. They contained lots of open space, designed for show more than for daily living and practical utilization of space. There’s fine photography to present these houses, but most floor plans were far too small to read or interpret accurately, in other words: useless. I found that few of these unusual buildings respected their settings: most look like they crash landed. Take a pass on this book unless you find from a sample that you think you can find something useful here for you. Rating: One-star (Read if your interest is strong) Click here to purchase Unassisted Living from amazon.com.

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