Friday, May 16, 2014

And the Dark Sacred Night

Extended. For those readers who like to boil down fiction into a few plot categories, the novel by Julia Glass titled, And the Dark Sacred Night, has a journey plot. Protagonist Kit Noonan searches for his father, and on this journey discovers an extended family. Glass draws all these characters with great skill. I enjoyed the transformation of Kit from an unemployed art history professor whose life seemed directionless, to a fully functioning adult with strong ties to his extended family. For readers who like a good story line and well-developed characters, this novel is worth your time. I loved this exchange close to the end: ‘“It’s a perfectly connected world.’ ‘Well,’ Kit laughed, ‘imperfectly connected.’ ‘As we all are,’ said Bruno, ‘man, as we all are.’” Rating: Four-star (I like it) Click here to purchase And the Dark Sacred Night from

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