Friday, July 8, 2016

The Crow Girl

Evil. Fans of crime fiction who have a high tolerance for detailed descriptions of horrific acts are those most likely to enjoy reading The Crow Girl, an almost eight-hundred page novel by Erik Axl Sund, the pen name of authors Jerker Eriksson and Hakan Axlander Sundquist. Originally published as a trilogy in Sweden, the novel is packed with darkness and the evil acts of a cast of characters. I enjoyed the depth of character development, and the doggedness of Detective Superintendent Jeanette Kihlberg and her personal connection with another key character. The authors present the perspectives and recalled memories of a variety of characters, constantly shifting the action from one person, place and time to another. The plot twists are exiting, and readers with strong stomachs should be able to read through every gruesome scene of evil and perverse acts. Rating: Four-star (I like it) Click here to purchase The Crow Girl from

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