Thursday, March 26, 2020

Alienated America: Why Some Places Thrive While Others Collapse

Community. In his book titled, Alienated America: Why Some Places Thrive While Others Collapse, Timothy P. Carney, makes a strong case that discomfort and alienation by some Americans may be less about income equality and more about social isolation. He describes what he found across the United States as he reported on this story: more Americans are or feel alone. The building blocks of community like churches, sports teams and volunteer organizations provide a foundation for a strong and engaged community life. In places without those support networks, individuals feel alienated because they lack the bonds that tie them to others. I write this review on the fourteenth day of sheltering in place to slow the spread of Covid-19. I live in a community where I do not feel isolated. I’m now six feet or more away from neighbors and friends, but I can feel the solidarity of all of us acting for the common good. Reading Carney’s book helped me appreciate what I have in the community where I live, and I now better understand the plight of those who feel no social support from their own communities. Rating: Five-star (I love it) Click here to purchase Alienated America from

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