Tuesday, September 22, 2020

You Talkin' To Me?: The Unruly History of New York English

Linguistics. As a speaker of New York English, Brooklyn 1950s variety, I learned new things about my native tongue after reading E.J. White’s book titled, You Talkin’ To Me?: The Unruly History of New York English. Between the tidbits of delight, there’s a lot of pages to travel that are steeped in linguistics. While I had views about social class differences in language, White helped me understand context for that. Media depictions that have selected from the broad New York patois have spread the language and reinforced certain aspects over others. If you have any interest in language and its spread, you may find this book interesting and informative. Rating: Four-star (I like it) Click here to purchase You Talkin’ To Me from amazon.com.

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