Friday, June 3, 2016

Everybody's Fool

Wounds. Richard Russo’s prose has always been a pleasure to read. He sets his novel titled, Everybody’s Fool, in North Bath, New York, where he introduced some of these characters in his 1993 novel, Nobody’s Fool. In addition to getting plot, dialogue and descriptive language so right, Russo does something in this novel that delighted me. He exudes love for these characters in ways that drew me to love them almost as much. During the course of the story, almost every character experiences wounds of one sort or another, even the dog. It is from these wounds that all of Russo’s wisdom flows, and through which this novel discloses so much of what we and the author know is true about life. Whatever your own wounds may be, take a holiday in North Bath with Russo this summer, and find some healing and pleasure. Rating: Five-star (I love it) Click here to purchase Everybody’s Fool from

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