Friday, June 17, 2016

Zero K

Mannequins. What good is having money if you can’t buy your way out of disease and death? In his novel titled, Zero K, Don DeLillo invites readers to enjoy his musings about life, death and identity. Jeffrey Lockhart narrates the surreal and uncomfortable situation in which he finds himself. His billionaire father, Ross, has supported a cryogenic facility. Ross’ young wife, Artis, is in poor health, and she has chosen to have her body preserved for some future time when she might be healed. Ross invites Jeffrey to come to the facility for Artis’ farewell. Through Jeffrey’s eyes we see the things that we do for love, and how the cryogenic process has turned humans into what appear to be mannequins. All this calls into question what identity is, and what life and death are for. There’s satire here, humor for those who see it, and deep questions about technology and humanity. Consider taking a summer vacation into Don DeLillo’s world and discover the ways in which it is the same and different from yours. Rating: Five-star (I love it) Click here to purchase Zero K from

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