Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Control. Readers who enjoy dystopian fiction are those most likely to get lots of reading pleasure from Michael Tolkin’s novel titled, NK3. Set in Los Angeles in the near future, the novel explores a closed community dealing with the aftermath of a virus that triggered forgetfulness and severed connections to the past. Skills necessary to maintain a quality of life have been lost. In rebuilding society following this catastrophe, several individuals have taken control and they established fences, rituals and myths to survive and to recreate some semblance of order. The novel explores the behavior of a large cast of characters and the ways in which power is exercised. Here’s a quote from p. 165 that I found interesting: ‘“You can’t do things just the way chief says. You have to do what he means even if he doesn’t know that what he says isn’t what he should mean.’ Royce Hall closed his eyes to concentrate. ‘Say that again.’” If that’s too close to current reality for you, take a pass on this novel. If you’re intrigued, and if you enjoy dystopian novels, you’re likely to enjoy reading this one. Rating: Four-star (I like it) Click here to purchase NK3 from

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